About Us

Our Story

Spoon-a-Bowl is a frozen yogurt food truck based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company is owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Jonathan and Ashley Bradley, who met in college and decided that one day they’d turn their love of frozen yogurt into a family business.


The couple continued to work their corporate jobs for the next several years, all the while, Spoon-a-Bowl remained a “one-day” goal in the back of their minds. That is until Jonathan was suddenly laid off from his job in June of 2017.


After scouring the job market for 10 months with no luck, Jonathan and Ashley finally decided to turn their “one day” into “Day One,” and from there, Spoon-a-Bowl was born.

After countless attempts, the couple created a delicious and nutritious frozen yogurt with just five all-natural ingredients, that can be enjoyed guilt-free, by adults and children alike. 

Spoon-a-Bowl is proud to serve communities in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson